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Benefit #1 Make money online with peace of mind. Nothing easier than this.

Benefit #2 Offer some of the easiest and best services on Fiverr.

Benefit #3 Send massive flood of traffic to your Fiverr gigs and make more money

Benefit #4 Get supports all year round from like minded community.
Take a look at each of the six main components that combine to create a no-fail system for Success...
  • Introduction to how to know a service that sells on Fiverr
  • 12 high in demand services to offer and Tools to deliver these services. More to be added
  • How to Set Up a Quality Account that will pull in money to your bank account anytime, any day.
  • Getting massive Traffic to your Gigs and making huge profits from it
  • How to combine Fiverr and Affiliate marketing together for better profits
  • Support like no other you can’t get any where else. Its the best you get
You are About to Discover the Easiest Way to Earn Lots of Money on Fiverr
Direct Massive Flow of Traffic to Your Fiverr Gigs and make More Money to Your Bank Account

It does not matter that you have never been online before or even know what the term “micro job sites” or “fiverr” is. Trust me, the simplicity of what i am about to show you will blow your mind.

If you can follow some simple instructions and stay focused then you have everything you need to be successful with Fiverr!

Why Should You Listen to me?

PhotoFrame2From: Abiola Oluwasanmi
Subject: This is The Fiverr Program You Have Been Waiting For!

Dear Aspiring Fiverr Millionaire,

My name is Abiola Oluwasanmi,  CEO, NetPlus Marketing Services. I am an internet marketer of repute and i make my entire living on the internet. I make money round the clock and enjoy doing it.

First, I know you’ve heard claims like this before. If you’re anything like me, you are immediately skeptical of them.

So rather than yell in your face about how amazing my “super duper system” is… or show you a photo of me flashing some dollars in your face or showing you some fake screenshots of different accounts… (we all know how obnoxious THAT is…)

I’d rather just take you inside my own portfolio and show you some of the fellow Nigerians like you who have passed through my programs, free or paid. Lots of Nigerians who are making money online on Fiverr right now. I am the real deal, you better believe that.

Making Real Money Online Seems Almost Impossible, Doesn't It?

Angry at computer 

So, let me get right to it…

For the past few years, I’ve been teaching people like you how to bust out of their 8 to 6 job and earn a great living online… But I’m not one of those so-called “gurus” who promotes a system he’s never even tried.

See, I’ve actually been practicing my own system for the past 5 years, starting when I was looking for that elusive job. In my first 2 years alone, I got myself earning few hundreds of dollars per week and now 5 years later I’m earning an ever-growing 7 figure income.

For the first 4 years I flew under the radar. I wasn’t bragging about how much I earned or trying to sell my “system” or myself. I was simply using it to write myself huge paychecks.

It didn’t much matter to me what anybody else was doing. And, at the time, the idea of teaching others wasn’t a priority for me. I was just making tons of money and living the life I’d always wanted.

But last year ago that all changed.

Instructor with Students in Computer Lab --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

At that time, I got so frustrated with the amount of hype and unproven systems being sold online in Nigeria by the so called gurus that I started coaching students myself. I was tired of seeing hard working people like you not being able to make money online.

They tried and they tried, but they just didn’t have the right tools, information or know-how to really succeed. And worst of all, they were been ripped off by the so called gurus.

That’s why I began sharing everything I’d learned over the previous four years…

I set up Fiverr Marketing blog just to teach about how to make money online on Fiverr and also one and only Fiverr marketing Forum. In just 8 months, we have close to 9,000 members. Almost 9,000 Nigerians who are learning from my experience on Fiverr and now most of them are now making money online.

I created that complete tutorial on fiverr which still works to this day. This Fiverr tutorials has helped thousands of Nigerians. Most Nigerians who are making huge profits on Fiverr started with that free report. Its detailed and was created for fiverr V2 but still works for Fiverr V3.

Created a Forum called Hotspot Forum to teach Nigerians generally how to make money on fiverr. The forum on freelancing with sites like fiverr is one of the busiest forum on that internet marketing board.

I also created one of the best programs in Nigeria on Fiverr called Fiverr Fast Track. That program has helped and its still helping many Nigerians make money online on Fiverr.
Here’s How to Make REAL Money Online…

The simple truth will surprise you!

If you want to make real money online, you need to get personal. You need to learn what sells, why it sells, which people buy the stuffs and how to sell it. The simple formula is

Learn it. Do it. Sell it....
Busy business women
excite man

You need to virtually know how the internet works before you can make money from it. People who buy stuffs on Fiverr have problems they want you to solve for them. You need to know what sells, why its selling and how to market your service to the right people.

This is the challenge for most people. So i decided to create something that will solve that problem and bring to you more money than you could ever imagine.

Its One Formula I Learnt and its What I teach People

Research has shown that some of the best selling services on Fiverr are in the Online marketing and Writing & Translation Categories. People need traffic to their website to make money. They need to rank their website in the SERPs to get natural search engine traffic or any other traffic for that matter.

They will pay anything to get that traffic and that’s where sellers like you and me come in.


All You Really Need to do to Start Making Proven Money Online Doing Any of These Services Are:

  • Create a quality Fiverr account that will attract buyers
  • Know the nitty gritty details about how to offer and deliver any of these top services
  • You need to find buyers, Sit on their couches. Chat em up. Listen to their problems and give them real solutions.
  • Ramp it up and watch the cash flow in.
Now what you need to do this is a simple solution
Introducing Fiverr Wealth System
The Best All Round Practical Training on How to Make Money on Fiverr Offering Some of the Best Services.....
I will like to introduce you to Fiverr Wealth System. The amazing and revolutionary Marketing Fiverr product specifically designed for anyone who wants to make money online on Fiverr and quit that 8-6 job. This program is designed for newbies and pros alike.

FWS Collections

Fiverr Wealth System is a comprehensive Fiverr marketing education system providing training, premium software tools, over the shoulder training, FREE lifetime support and much more to get you making money faster than you EVER thought possible.

This program will give you the power to build quality Fiverr accounts, teach you how to offer quality high in demand services and best of all show you how to get buyers that will buy your services on Fiverr.

I’m going to provide you with most of the work done for you so you can get your first true sales immediately you sign up to Fiverr. I am going to show you how to get massive traffic to your gig and also give you unlimited support.

As Far As I Know, This is Unlike What Anybody Else is Offering.....

This is truly all-in-one like you’ve never experienced before. With Fiverr Wealth System, you’ll be handed a complete system with all you need to make money on Fiverr.

SEO and Traffic Generation services are also top notch services on Fiverr. They are so high in demand that a single gig can make you lots of money. Any of these services are top earners any day any time.

Fiverr Wealth System Shows You How to Do it

Check Out Some Earnings & Sales I Recorded Offering Easy Services on Fiverr


Fiverr is an Easy Place to Earn Regular Earnings Everyday. Something Like this..........


Easy When You Are Offering Quality Services with High demands and You Know What You Are Doing and You Can Pull in Something Like this in a Short Time


Wouldn't You Want Something Like this?

Take a Look at Each of the Six Main Components That Combine to Create a No-Fail System for Success:

  • Introduction to how to know a service that sells on Fiverr
  • 12 high in demand services to offer and Tools to deliver these services. More to be added
  • How to Set Up a Quality Account that will pull in money to your bank account anytime, any day.
  • Getting massive Traffic to your Gigs
  • How to combine Fiverr and Affiliate marketing together
  • Support like no other you can’t get any where else
All these are put together in over 100 full detailed video lessons. Yes, 100 video lessons in 21 modules. You can’t go wrong with this package, trust me.
FWS Cover
FWS Cover

Over  100 Training Videos

videos 2

  • Easy to Follow One-on-One Videos Right in front of You.
  • Regularly Updated with New Gigs and Videos

Now the services are services that are in high demand. All you need to do is learn how any of these services work, perfect any of them, sell it and start making money immediately. These programs include:

1. Solo Ads
2. Traffic Generation
3. Social Bookmarking
4. Website Directory Submission
5. Facebook Fan page Liking
6. Twitter Followers
7. YouTube Views
8. Transcriptions
9. Translation
10. Article Writing, Spinning & Submissions
11. Website SEO analysis
12. Facebook Mass Posting.
13. Backlink Building.
and more to come………

What Makes Fiverr Wealth System So Good and Why You Should Grab Your Copy Today

This program contains some of the easiest yet best services you can offer on Fiverr without having to work yourself out. Also i would say the support is top notch, one you can’t get anywhere else. The only program with this kind of support is Fiverr Fast Track, which is also created by me.

It’s so simple. This really is a step-by-step program. If you can follow simple instructions, you can make this program work. No ifs, ands or buts!

The lessons is complete, practical and easy to follow and always up to date.

Discover The Covert Marketing Tactics I Use To Gain An Edge Over the Competition


In the program, I go in-depth and cover a specific area of new trick. And when I say in-depth, I don’t just give you a newbie education in different topics. I teach you the nitty-gritty details and insider secrets that will help you to succeed wildly online.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that this is some rehashed content that I’ve gathered from around the web. I have literally spent hundreds of hours of my own time doing these services and here in the program presented it in an easily digestible way.


Just Follow My Lead Live!

Watch Me do Each Step of the Process Live!…

— Visit the places where i visit…

— Click on the links where I clicked…

— Use the tools the way i did…

— Create your Fiverr account like mine…..etc

Then You would make money like I do. Yes you could!

Open video 1… watch it… copy it… move to video 2…

You do that until the end of the program… you’ve got yourself a $300-$3000 a month income stream. There’s no denying it. That’s just what happens.

And it begins now.

What You Will Get with Fiverr Wealth System

Full Video Training

Fiverr Wealth System  is easier than drinking a cold beer on a hot day. We want you to understand everything the first time. So we prefer full video training which is the best way to teach. You get 100 video lessons covering all you need to know and more.

All Basic Tools You Need

Why buy a product that does not come with the basic tools needed to do the job? With Fiverr Wealth System, you get incredible tool to start offering any of the services for free. This gives you unbeatable power and flexibility to start making money immediately! We also add new tools from time to time to the members area.

Exclusive Community Access

Great minds think alike and with Fiverr Wealth System, you’ll get to lock horns with some of the best Fiverr Sellers including myself.  You will be in a midst of a vibrant members’ only forum where you can learn amazing Fiverr tips and tricks, and supercharge your  business.

Free Updates

The times they are a-changin’ – and so are tips, tricks and money making methods. Whenever i get an update, you’ll get free access and support. This means that you will always be current and never run out of ideas!

Unlimited Support

Although the videos are so easy to understand and its in a lay man’s language, Sometimes some people don’t get things easily like some others. So you can rest easy knowing that you get unlimited access to me any time of the day. I have some of the best customer support in the business.

Lots of Bonuses

You also get amazing bonuses that will assist you in your fiverr business and other online marketing model businesses. You also get Wordpress design videos and good quality stuffs for those who need extra marketing models to work with

Who Will This Work For?

Forget everything you’ve been told about making money with Fiverr. First of all, making money as a seller on Fiverr is simple. But it is NOT as easy as the pushers of ‘magic bullet’ products or seminars would have you believe.

However there is great money to be made if you know the tricks and what and how to sell things on Fiverr.

Whether you want to make an extra couple of hundred DOLLARS per week, a job-replacing $3,000/month… or more…. it is possible. But without the right knowledge, the right tools, and the support of like-minded people it can be a long hard road.

On the other hand, when your are armed with accurate information (not hype and B.S). When you have tools that automate the most time-consuming tasks. And when you have access to a community of like-minded people to guide, support and inspire… you will achieve your dreams (whatever they are) that much faster.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a…..

  • Student
  • University dropout
  • Work at home Mom or Dad
  • Complete tech-novice
  • Retired
  • Unemployed
  • Or just wanting to escape the corporate grind
You can’t go wrong with my program, trust me....
What Some of OVER 200 hundred Students of Fiverr Wealth System Think About the Program
Their Testimonials In Their Own Words Not Some Solicited B.S.........
Daramola Oluwadamilare
"This Course has made my dream of making money on the internet a reality. Thank you Abiola for showing us all that the so called guru are hiding from us. I now smile to ATM in Nigerian Banks when I feel like spending."
sam odusolu
Sam Odusolu
CEO of Naija Bulk SMS - http://naijabulksms
"Abiola Boluwaji Oluwasanmi to me is one of the best Internet Marketer. He under promise and over delivers. His Fiverr Wealth System is loaded both with 'what to do' and 'what to use' to achieve Fiverr wealth."
Oyebanji Olawale
"Abiola Oluwasanmi is a God sent internet tutor to Nigerians because his course and training are a blessing to me especially his fiverr training package, in fact he is the best fiverr guru i know.I recommend him to anyone who want to make money on fiverr or a living on the internet. Thanks and God Bless.."
Matthew Ayodeji Olasunkanmi
This course is the best of its kind, enlightened, elaborating. i didnt regret buying it. Abiola Boluwaji Oluwasanmi is a man of his word, when he promises, he delivers exactly. He doesnt lie just to get your, rather his products are always worth more than the price. I have bought both fiverr wealth system and fiverr fast track, will still buy more from him anytime, anyday.."
Ajeigbe Moruf Olasunkanmi
"I must confess to you one can get this course and regret of it..the hiding secrete that all so called gurus can't show you.. Boss reveal everything to us step by step..the course is newbie friendly.. I Thank God that am in the right way.. May God bless you Boss..."

And there are many others too many i can’t put up here. You don’t get that kind of feedback for nothing.

You put it into practice and before long, people around you are watching and wondering “How did HE/SHE end up so successful?”

In addition to getting all that you need, you also get addition tools and services as bonuses. Check out some of the bonuses you will get the Fiverr Wealth System Package.


Your Special Bonuses

facebook liker tools
auto backlink tools
traffic tools
imAGE 2
image 1
system cleaning tools
wordpress tutorials free

Get Started Today with Fiverr and get ….

Instant membership access and product delivery to your doorstep after you order Fiverr Wealth System. Money back guarantee. Sign up Now!

Here’s what you get once again…

  • 100 Step by step video lessons on 12 high in demand services
  • Tools you need to do the job
  • Private members’ forum
  • Lifetime access
  • BONUS: Logo maker Tool
  • BONUS: Backlink Tools
  • BONUS: Traffic tools
  • BONUS: Video Editing tool and other tools
  • BONUS: Affiliate Marketing lessons

All this and more for just N10,000 N7,500 lifetime access.


Purchasing any product can be a big decision but it shouldn’t be a risky one.  With my 100% guarantee, you can’t go wrong with me. I am so sure about this program that i am giving you 30 days to try it. There’s virtually no risk to try any of my products.

Get Fiverr Wealth System Today For Only N10,000 - Just N7,500

Get it at this Special Discount Now Before I Change My Mind

When you purchase a product from me, you have 30 days from the day you receive it to use the information and evaluate it. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, then simply email me with your complains and you will get your money back.

Because after 5 years in this business, the thing I care most about is getting this information into people’s hands, and watching their lives change because of it.

I was once where you are, and I know how close you are to making it BIG. The difference is in the quality of information you get.

And the thought that I can make that difference for you? You think that makes me feel pretty good about myself? HECK YEAH it does!

I told you I do things differently, and there are more reasons than one.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fiverr Wealth System?

Fiverr Wealth System is a program that teaches you how to make money online on Fiverr with SEO and Traffic Generation Services. Which means you are going to be taught how to make money offering services that will make you money on Fiverr.

How Soon will i Start Making Money??

As soon as you finish watching my videos, applied them and set up your own account. That’s how fast you can start earning with this program.

How Much Will i Earn?

My goal for you is to be able to replace your day job like me and live entirely on the internet. My goal is let you you feed your family and make more than a bank manager’s salary at the end of the month.

But what you earn will depend on how your work. But i assure you that if you follow my steps, you will definitely make enough money on the internet more than you earn from your day job.

Most people who make money online are people who do things right and we definitely teach you how to do things right.

As far as i know, i have taught a lot of guys, bought a lot of programs, courses and recommended a lot of programs, this is by far the easiest and best program you can ever get anywhere for learning how to make money on Fiverr.

Can i do this Also. I am New to the Internet?

Fiverr Wealth System is perfect for newbies and advanced Fiverr sellers alike: Every week I also give you so much valuable information in the members’s area that no matter what your level of experience, you will find easy to use marketing tips and strategies that you can instantly apply within your own Fiverr marketing business.

Still Have Questions? Contact me now! on Facebook or call me now on 07038844855.

Right now… it’s up to you.
And you have to make a quick decision…

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This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and i want you to take it.

This is the best Fiverr program you can ever buy.


I look forward to seeing you on the inside and learning that you’re the next Fiverr success story!

For now, best wishes for your continued success.......


Creator, Fiverr Wealth System

Abiola Oluwasanmi Dot Com


P.S. This is the ultimate system for replicating “hands off” income streams of $300-$3000 in 2014. You won’t find anything like this.

P.S.S If you’re ready to take your success seriously, you need to do yourself a huge favour and get in on this now…

Get it at this Low Price Now! N10,000 N7,500
Copyright (C) 2015.. Fiverr Wealth System

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