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Instantly create stunning video intro in as little as 5 minutes and make your quick cash without stress.
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Hello Aspiring Fiverr Millionaire!.....

My name is Abiola Oluwasanmi the creator of the amazing Fiverr programs Fiverr Fast Track and Fiverr Wealth System. I also own, the free fiverr tutorial blog where i teach for free how to make money on fiverr including my personal internet marketing training blog - My passion is inspiring people through online courses.

I've been making videos for a while now on different online marketing models. I am known as one of the best trainers on Fiverr marketing. I've created lots of video intro over the past year. Now it is time to teach you and help you make money with it!

Why Video Intro......

These days video intro service has become one service that is in high demand. Watch any professional commercial, YouTube channel, television series or video course, and one thing they all have in common is that they have a video intro!

That 5-10 second animation with their logo or text at the beginning? That is what is known as video intro.

These days everyone knows the power of a good introduction. Imagine watching "Lost"
without its iconic opening sequence. Wouldn’t be the same, would it? For a show like Lost that is so reliant on instant gratification, this minimalist title sequence works perfectly to keep up the momentum.


These video intros (or video outros if its at the end of the video) are eye-catching and really helps with brand recognition. These video intro really helps YouTube channel owners get more exposure.

YouTube recently offered channel producers on its site the chance to add a short intro clip to all their videos in a move geared toward improving channel branding. Most great YouTube channels are now creating this short intro and are making a living off of the videos they post online.

How about video product owners? Now most product creators now add video intro to their videos. I recently started using it on my video programs starting with this course and i love it.

Everyone with a brand, a YouTube channel, or video product creators need a video intro. It used to be expensive on sites like odesk and On Fiverr, its new and its the gig of the moment.

Imagine how much you could make now that its still new on Fiverr. Research has shown that sellers who get in early when a gig is new actually become authorities on Fiverr before the service becomes saturated.

Best part of all this is that this video intros are very easy to create. All the tools for Creating an elegant and professional video intro is freely available and just a knowledge of this service will make you lots of money on Fiverr.


Check out some videos i created for some of my programs and channels below....

Any of these video intro took only about 5-10 minutes to create. Yes you heard me. Just 5-10 minutes.

This video intro is easy to create when you have the resources and these resources you will get. All you have to do is mix and match these resources together to get amazing video intro and outro videos.

The videos are created in Adobe After Effect which is an easy tool to master. Its not a complicated tool so you can learn to create video intro in as little as 24 hours.

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You too Can Join Today and start making money easily with no stress whatsoever.

Introducing -- Fiverr Video Crusher!

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This amazing video training course will teach you the best way to create video intros and make money with it on Fiverr. You will learn how to create video intro in as little time as possible.

Fiverr is a marketplace where everything start st $5 and there is no use wasting time creating videos for hours. All you will learn are the easiest ways to put video together using resources that i am going to provide for you.

You will learn how to create different styles of video intro, short 10 secs as well as one-minute long intros. Who says you have to work damn hard to make a living.

What Are the Requirements?

  •     Adobe After Effect or Sony Vegas Pro
  •     Some Resources you will get for free
  •     An open mind and thirst for knowledge
Video Intro Crusher Course Steps.....

1. Introduction to Video Intro/Outro

This area covers introduction to Video intro and stuffs you need to know before you get started.

2. Composition of a Video Intro Video

You will learn what makes up a video intro. Its like the ingredients that makes up a video intro and how those ingredients can be mixed together to create video intros.

3. Tools for Creating Video Intro

Get to know about the tools that can be used to create video intro. I am going to introduce you to all these tools and show you how each tool work. Its your first step in learning to create your own videos.

4. Methods for creating video Intro

There are many ways to create video intro and all these i am going to show you. There is the long from scratch method and there is a shortcut that give same results. You need to know how this works to fully learn video intro.

5. Creating Video Intro with After Effect

Here i cover After Effect and how you can create videos with it. I will show you the inside tools and how to combine the tools to create amazing videos. You will learn how to import and export from After Effect and also learn some tips on how to use the tool effectively.

6. Creating a video with Sony Vegas Pro

Learn how to create video intro with Sony Vegas Pro. Even though its not my favourite tool, its important i introduce you to how it also works. You get same results as what you will get with After Effect.

7. Where to Get Resources for Video Intro

Learn where to get all the resources you need. I am going to provide you with some resources to get you started as well as let you know where to get more resources. The more resources you have the better.

8. How to Set Up a Cash Pulling Fiverr Account

Setting up a great account on Fiverr is your first step to success. I will teach you how to set up an account with how to create your image, write your descriptions etc. This step is very important if you want to be successful on Fiverr.

9. Bonuses and Tools Plus Support

In addition to all the video training, tips and recommendation, you will also get all the tools you need plus support all the way. I always give support to everyone who buys my product. I have never failed in this area and anyone who has any of my program will tell you so.

What You Get With Video Intro Crusher
training videos
after effect tool
sony vegas

In Addition to Those, you also get some bonuses including below and more......

logo creator

Now Offering it at the Introductory Price of N10,000. All my programs starts at N15,000 but this one goes for N10,00 this week. From Friday at the end of the working day, it goes  to N15,000. So take advantage of the introductory price now.

Get Video Intro Crusher Today For Just N10,000

Get it Now for N10,000. Going to N15,000 when the Time Gets to 0.

THE Abiola Oluwasanmi GUARANTEE


As always i always give a 30 day money back guarantee which is exactly what you will get if you purchase this program.

If for any reason you are not satisfied, just return the product and i will give you your money back. I am that confident of your success with this program.


sam odusolu
Abiola Oluwasanmi is a God sent tutor to Nigerians because his course and training are a blessing to me. In fact is the best Guru i know.
Abiola Oluwasanmi is a man of his word. When he promises, he delivers exactly. His products are always worth more than the price
Abiola Oluwasanmi to me is one of the best Internet Marketers. He under promise and over delivers. His product is loaded with what to do.

Frequently Asked Questions

I Dont Know How After Effect Works??

Don't worry. I created the course for both newbies and experienced alike. I will break down after effect for video intro in such a way that you will be able to handle it in less than 24 hours. Everything is in front of you live, nothing hidden.

How Long Does it Take For me to Learn to Create Video Intro??

I can boldly tell you that in less than 24 hours. Its so easy to ahndle that anyone, even a 10 year old can create intro video after watching this video series.

Do I Need to Spend Money on Something Else??

No. All you need to start creating video intro will be given to you. Plus you even get tools for creating your gallery image and edit your videos.

Do I Get Support From You After Buying This Course?

Yeah of course. That's what set me apart from other marketers out there. I have created many other products, some more than a year now and i still provide support. That's what i do and that's what you will get.
Still Have Questions? Contact me now! on Facebook or call me now on 07038844855.

Right now… it’s up to you.
And you have to make a quick decision…

Creator, Fiverr Wealth System

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